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We Are Open!

We Are Open!

We Are Open!

ear Community, we are happy to announce our official launch!

Who We Are?

We are team of professionals that includes developers, system administrators that are willing to help our customers to reach their goals. Our services are free now.

Why Our Services Are Free?

Each of us has a day work, no interest in extra income. We are doing this to improve not only our knowledge and skills, but yours also. Idea is to test ourselves whether we can withstand the load, because in near future we wanted to open our main data centre and provide excellent service. Sounds suspicious? Might be, but before that, give us a chance.

Our Team?

We are 4, which includes 2 – software engineers and 2 – system administrators.

How Do We Work?

We are working through our support system, where you can send us a ticket, after that we will process it and you will receive the reply.

Do we request any access?

No, that is not necessary if you don’t trust us. We can write all instructions and pass them to you.

Do We Have Paid Services?

Only if you are ordering any kind of server from us.

What We Do?

A lot of stuff. We can setup your server, increase performance, tune it, configure torrent client for best performance, optimize. Based on our knowledge and experience we can recommend you what kind of server / seedbox would be best for your needs.

Do not forget about our servers. Yes, we do resell them all around Europe. Each setup comes with full tuning, apps on your choice (they will be configured specially for you), and unlimited google disk.

Tuning? What’s that?

Tuning is increasing performance in all kind of ways (Disk, CPU, Network).

It all depends on your requests. We will reach your goals.

Manage or Unmanaged Servers?

Do we manage servers? Yes of course. We can do magic per your request.

If you are using shared host then we can only setup and configure.

What about basic setup (DNS, Domain, Fixing)?

Yes, we can configure or just explain/teach you how to solve your problems.

That’s all?

Of course not. You can contact us with any type of problem and we will help you as fast as we can.









Wish you the best,